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Why Buy Local

You have a lot of options when buying the plants perfect for your landscaping project, but it’s important to be sure that you’re choosing plants that not only look great in your yard, but also are best suited to your environment. Understanding what grows in your own back yard, is the perfect replicas hublot way to decide what to add in your own back yard. This is why it’s important to buy local.

So, why buy North Carolina-grown plants?

why-nc-plants-homeBetter for your home landscape

North Carolina-grown plants are better adapted to local climate, because they were grown right here!

North Carolina growers responsibly select plants best suited for North Carolina home landscapes.

Locally grown plants are potentially healthier, because they spend less time in the stressful shipping environment. Healthier plants mean longer-lasting landscapes!

why-nc-plants-neighborhoodBetter for the environment

Plants grown in North Carolina are not trucked across the country, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and conserving natural resources.

With North Carolina grown plants, less “foreign” pests are being introduced to your landscape, which means less threat to the health of your plants! When you buy local, it helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and decreases foreign threats to our homegrown plants.

why-nc-plants-environmentBetter for the community

Buying local plants boosts the local NC economy with revenue, jobs, related commerce and tax revenue.