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About Us


NC Greenprints is an education and advocacy campaign designed to help make landscaping achievable and successful for consumers, no matter their skill level, budget or outdoor space.

By creating resources for you, including step-by-step guides, videos, tips and tricks – as well as access to certified professionals who can help get the job done – our goal at NC Greenprints is to create a community of landscapers who embrace the replicas de relojes benefits and value of landscaping in their outdoor spaces for years to come.

NC Greenprints was made possible with the support of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services-Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. This consumer resource is managed by the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association (NCNLA).

North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association is a 501 (c)(5) non-profit membership organization of firms interested in the welfare of North Carolina’s green industry. NCNLA’s vertically-integrated membership of more than 1,000 companies includes growers, landscape firms, retailers and allied suppliers.

North Carolina’s vertically-integrated green industry directly employs more than 53,000 individuals across the state, providing an economic impact of $6.875 billion annually.

For more information about NCNLA, visit