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Terms of Use

All Greenprints found on the NC Greenprints website contain information intended for informational and educational purposes only. Estimated budget, skill level, and time are based on the averages in each category. All Greenprints are subject to change in price, skill, and time required based on the individual participant.

All materials utilized for each Greenprint on this website, including all plants, potting materials, gardening materials, and gardening tools are to be used at the discretion of the participant. NC Greenprints is not responsible for any injury or harm experienced during any of these projects. If a project is too difficult, technical in nature or uses dangerous tools, please contact one of our Certified Plant Professionals for further support.

All Greenprints available on this website belong to NC Greenprints. The content of this website cannot be reproduced, republished or distributed without the written consent of NC Greenprints.