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Successfully completing landscaping projects for your outdoor space doesn’t have to be difficult, but we know that sometimes seeing is believing. Our landscape video tutorials can help make your idea a reality! Check out our videos below for some landscaping basics, and project tutorials.

Hear from NC Certified Plant Professionals

Leslie Herndon, Greenscape Inc., Holly Springs, NC

Jon Merrill, B.B. Barns, Asheville, NC

Worth Williams, Worthington Farms, Greenville, NC

Bryce Lane, Professor Emeritus at NC State University, shares some landscaping basics that are vital to ensuring a successful landscaping project!

Shopping a Garden Center

North Carolina Garden Centers are a great source of plants and gardening supplies, but they are also a wonderful resource for any home landscaping project. From container gardening to foundation planting, your local garden center can provide you with all that you need.

Right Plant, Right Place

The first step to creating a successful home landscape project is choosing the right plant for the right place. How do you do that? Know your climate, know your soil, and know your plants! In this video, Bryce Lane will walk you through how it’s done.

Keeping a Plant Alive

Once you have successfully planted your tree or shrub, what can you do to keep it alive and thriving for its lifetime?  Did you just inherit a new home’s landscape? How can you care for it and what can you to do maintain happy and healthy plants? Bryce Lane shows you how.

Need to see a few of the Greenprints in action? Check out our project videos below!

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